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Providing Everything You Need

Strategic planning vip day

This service is designed for biz owners who feel overwhelmed and need clarity on their big vision goals. The strategic planning VIP day involves a two-hour strategy session to discuss current systems, services, team, goals, and pain points. After this, a plan will be provided for the next 12 months, broken down by quarter, with a detailed plan for the first 90 days. The service aims to reduce chaos, increase efficiency, and create time for the CEO to focus ON the biz instead of IN it!


Key Systems Setup package

An ideal solution for biz owners seeking to establish a solid foundation for growth. Over 60 days, I will implement three essential systems, streamlining and organizing your business. It is an excellent investment for businesses looking to transition out of the disorganized reactive mode that can generate stress for the CEO and their team.


ongoing obm support

The monthly retainer service is designed to provide biz owners with comprehensive support in managing their systems and operations. Retainers include a range of services such as project and team management, system building, metric monitoring, hiring, market research and revenue generation activities. Retainers include monthly strategy sessions and unlimited email access to me, your OBM! With this service, CEO's can focus on growing their company while I take care of the day-to-day operations.

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